Did you know that you that you can create a circuit with paper?

If you are using electricity then there is a circuit involved. Often times when we think of circuits and electricity in a complicated way but it can be a simple process.
This was created using paper, one LED, a battery and paper.


This is an simple project that can be done in the classroom. Directions are as follows:

Always remember that students injure themselves very easily and thus proper warning would be given when working with electricity and things with sharp edges like the LED wires and the copper tape.

Once you have gotten the hang of an simple circuit then you can try more complicated circuits like parallel or series.


This is a simple parallel circuit.


This is a series circuit.

Here are some problems that might come up. Remembering positive and negative sides are important to the whole process. You cannot switch them.  Experimenting might not be cost effective.

I would recommend giving a lot of time for this project and not let any students waste the copper tape.